Single Source Services by STEPresearch: Consultancy-Surveys-IT-Implementation-Marketing and Sales Solutions-Smart Education-Exhibition Solutions-Image Campaigns and more...

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Market Survey

How will Smart Glasses effect your business and your professional fields? What are the solutions alread on the market? These and more questions will be answered by our survey...

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We analyze, we discuss, we submit results. We present the facts and train your staff. We will prepare your employees for all processes. You can benefit from it...

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HMD´s and AR-Solutions will shape future markets. As one of the first Consultancy, STEPresearch implements these solutions in your business. Are you prepared for upcoming changes?

Why you should hire Smart Glasses Consulting…

Technology Solutions

1We analyze your needs and find the right solution for your project. Each projects has its individual challenges. The services may begin with the conception of each implementation and may end with the qualified training of your staff.

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Cross-Cutting Services

2Our large portfolio of services supports various business units. We cover on-demand support for projects as well as long-term research services for operational and strategic areas. We provide ideas and implements them.

Businessman studying digital financial report. An expert businessman studying a high technology holographic chart of a real time foreign currency exchange graphic

Studies and Analysis

3We recognize trends and future markets and support you by finding the best possible way to your success – in this context STEPresearch has many Single- and Multi-Client surveys. Contact us for your market research project.



4How will employee and people communicate with each other in the future? Our Consultants expand your communication channels to an item. We apply latest innovation and ensure that you remain competitive.

World Business Team Leaders

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